Fashion With a Cause

There are so many things that need immediate attention in the world today, and we, like so many, often feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do. The Fashion with a Cause series is inspired by our desire to contribute to positive change in whatever way we can. As a company that exists purely for the joy of others, we cannot fully do what we are meant to do without actively participating in making the world better however we can. Our Fashion with a Cause series is our effort to participate and contribute to the solutions by partnering with our wonderful and happy customers (You!) and taking the opportunity to do some good when it is desperately needed. Few things feel as good as doing something for yourself that will also help another. We believe that to be one of the ultimate win-win scenarios there ever was, so we are excited to partner with you on this!
Each unisex pair of shoes in this series is designed intentionally with colors that are specific to each cause. Our first Fashion with a Cause series supports the three current humanitarian crises happening in Afghanistan, Haiti, and Lebanon. Each shoe is dedicated to one of these causes, designed with the colors of each country’s flag, and named for characteristics that embody each country’s values. We stand with them in their continuous fight to live freely and to thrive, as all humans desire. Our intention is to partner with and support them in whatever way we can as they navigate the current challenges. We thank you for supporting us in accomplishing this great task. #lookgooddogood

Viviana (For Haiti)