Discover your true self with Kkira's sustainable luxury shoes and apparel. Our bold designs encourage self-expression and radical self-love, empowering you to become your most authentic self. At Kkira, we believe that loving yourself is the first step towards loving others and creating positive change. Through authenticity and creativity, we inspire transformation on a personal, community, and global level, by disrupting the status quo. Join us in telling honest stories about who you are and embracing your unique personality. Experience the freedom of being your truest self.
Kkira is proud to be a sustainable luxury shoe brand. We're committed to minimizing waste and reducing our environmental impact by using ethically sourced materials and a made-to-order model for all our shoes and apparel. Our shoes are designed in Boston and handcrafted by some of the best master craftspeople in Italy, while our apparel is handmade by a network of sustainable suppliers and makers around the world who all practice ethical practices and slow fashion. Feel good about your fashion choices knowing that you're supporting safe and ethical production that's better for the planet.
A black woman-owned brand founded by Mauryn Kkira, our core values are Love, Healing, Transformation, and Freedom through Authenticity, Creativity, and Self-Expression. We believe in human equality and the freedom and opportunity for all to thrive. As a result we endeavor to support our global community through our Fashion With A Cause line by donating 20% of its profits to causes like Ukraine, Afghanistan, Haiti, BLM, and LGBTQIA+. We are honored to be able to participate in creating the kind of world we all deserve.

Add a pop of color, a dash of freedom, crank up the heat and Voila! You have a Sizzling Dish of Spicy Self Expression! Best served Unapologetically!

How it started...

Let's transport ourselves to a time when I found myself glued to the computer screen, endlessly scrolling through options for everyday shoes. But alas, the search left me feeling uninspired and disheartened. It seemed like a sea of sameness, devoid of that special spark. Yet, amidst my frustration, a whimsical idea materialized: What if I created my very own shoe brand? A brand that would breathe life into people's self-expression, igniting their creative flames. Imagine a world where shoes became vibrant storytellers of individuality!

In this enchanting world of my imagination, people radiated confidence, effortlessly showcasing their unique styles. Their steps were imbued with happiness and a sense of self-assurance. There was no room for comparison or judgment, only a celebration of diversity. Life transformed into a mesmerizing journey, where self-empowerment and acceptance of differences reigned supreme.

Spellbound by this vision, I embarked on a quest to bring it to life. And so, Kkira Feet came into existence—a brand that embodied authenticity, self-expression, and boundless creativity. The mission was clear: to empower individuals to embrace their true selves, unapologetically. For what could be more magical than staying true to oneself and embracing the wonders of life?

If you are ready to unlock a new level of shoe game and express yourself with unyielding confidence, I invite you to join me on this extraordinary expedition with Kkira Feet. Believe me, it is a captivating journey that defies expectations, and you will not be sorry you came!


Mauryn - Your Unconditional Self-Love Fairy Godmother

Our Team

Our team is not just a group of colleagues, but a family that we feel so fortunate to have. Working with people we love and care about is a blessing that we don't take for granted. We are filled with gratitude every day for the joy they bring to our lives and the passion they bring to their work. We couldn't ask for a better team, and we are truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing individuals.

Mauryn Kkira

If you're seeking someone with passion, flair, and a genuine touch, look to Mauryn - the driving force behind Kkira Feet Shoes as its founder, owner, and designer. With fearless determination, Mauryn shapes the brand's vision and ethos. Hailing from Uganda and calling Boston home for the past 25 years, she shares her life with her husband - her favorite person in the world, dedicating her days to crafting footwear that fosters confidence. Beyond her love for fashion, music, and dance, Mauryn cherishes authenticity, equality, and family bonds. An avid admirer of Bono, U2, Oprah, Bollywood, and Shahrukh Khan. Fun Fact: Mauryn taught herself to play guitar when she was fifteen, inspired by Tracy Chapman's "Revolution".

With Mauryn at the helm, Kkira Feet Shoes promises to delight both feet and souls alike.

Jaime Min Coffin

Introducing Jaime Coffin, the operations and logistics powerhouse at Kkira Feet! Jaime not only manages administration, supply, and HR but also uplifts the team with boundless encouragement. Based in Massachusetts, she's married with two lively cats. Off duty, Jaime enjoys biking, spin classes, and dabbling in strength training, though cardio remains her true love. A self-proclaimed food enthusiast, she delights in culinary adventures and cherishes time with loved ones. Outside of the kitchen, Jaime unwinds with Netflix binges and showcases her knitting prowess. Fun fact: she shares a decade-long friendship with Mauryn, akin to sisters from different misters!

Gonza George Bakuuta

Introducing Gonza, the visionary behind Kkira Feet's branding and marketing brilliance! As our creative maestro, he spearheads campaigns and messages that embody the essence of our company. Outside the office, Gonza indulges in his passion for dance, boasting a professional background in Uganda. Alongside music, fashion, basketball, and travel, he thrives on connecting with new faces. And here's the kicker - Gonza is none other than Mauryn's brother, forming an unbeatable team dynamic at Kkira Feet.

Sylver Rochelin Randrianantenaina

Allow us to introduce Sylver, our brand's masterful visual storyteller! Hailing from Madagascar, Sylver's artistic flair beautifully captures the essence of Kkira Feet. Behind the lens, he works his magic, showcasing our brand's true soul. A true multitasker, he seamlessly blends his passion for fashion and photography into his craft. And guess what?And did we mention “it doesn't hurt that [he gets] to work with [his] best friend Mauryn.” How lucky is she that she gets to work with two of her best friends, right?Here's a little secret: Sylver isn't just talented with a camera; he's also a skilled dancer and fitness instructor, renowned as Boston's finest. Trust us, his dance fitness classes are not to be missed!

Vincent Bakuuta Jr

Meet Vincent, our content creation and marketing strategy guru! With a keen eye for detail and an endless flow of creative ideas, he's the mastermind behind capturing the essence of the Kkira Feet brand. Whether he's refining videos or curating Instagram posts, Vincent consistently delivers top-notch content. Off-duty, he's either tearing up the dance floor, jamming to music, shooting hoops, or enjoying the latest stand-up comedy special. And here's the kicker - with Mauryn and Gonza also part of the team, Vincent completes our trio of talented siblings! Needless to say, our meetings with this dynamic trio are hilariously lively, and we wouldn't have it any other way!