Viviana Meaning: Alive, Vibrant, Full of Life! - That is Haiti!

Viviana Meaning: Alive, Vibrant, Full of Life! - That is Haiti!

 In Haitian, Viviana means vibrant—a true reflection of the Haitian culture. The island has rich traditions with a legacy of hardship in the centuries long fight for independence. Haitians fought against French control for over a century, while also being the first country to revolt against and successfully abolish slavery. Their freedom, however, continued to be taken away as seen in the constant threat of dictators throughout the 19th century and the U.S occupation in the 20th century. 

Haiti’s struggles continued this summer when the country’s president, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated by rebels while the southern peninsula was devastated by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, which killed more than 2,200 people. Such tragedies forced thousands of Haitians to flee to Brazil and Chile for refuge, while others have travelled to the U.S-Mexico border in hope of finding asylum. As seen in the news, however, Haitian migrants have been greeted with inhumane treatment as they are turned away at a chance at safety, and instead put in danger by the U.S government itself. 

One of the things that we deeply care about is supporting humanitarian efforts and giving a voice to those that do not have one. As a shoe company that is all about empowering people to be themselves, we feel very strongly about speaking up on behalf of those who may not be able to, as well as giving any kind of support that we can. That is why we have launched the ‘Fashion with a Cause’ series with the hope to provide support to various causes  across the globe. We have chosen to start with three specific ones and they include: Haiti, Lebanon, and Afghanistan. 20% of each shoe purchase will be donated towards charities working both in the given country and in the U.S supporting those that have been displaced by the various issues currently plaguing them. 

Today we want to share a little bit about Haiti with you. While the Haitian people face such hardships, they remain lively, which is the inspiration for the “Viviana” shoe from the new Fashion with a Cause line. The gorgeous slip-ons are inspired by the Haitian flag with blue and red representing ethnic Haitian groups as well as symbolizing independence and freedom. The plaid print on the shoe portrays the devoted and rebellious spirit of the nation in their relentless fight against all odds. 

We invite you to not only purchase a pair of the gorgeous Viviana slip ons, but to wear them in solidarity and with the rebellious spirit of the Haitian people and their vibrant culture as a sign of love, honor and support for them as a people while they go through these challenging times. They will no doubt emerge as the unbeatable souls we know them to be!

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