We’re not just a shoe company.

We’re not just a shoe company.

We’re a family of people with our own unique stories and experiences–and we’re on a mission. When Mauryn Kkira started this company, she knew that this world could be different. We could build a world where people are happy with who they are. They love what they see when they look in the mirror, and they’re excited to share that with the rest of the world. And sometimes all it takes to feel that way is a pair of shoes. 

You might think that’s silly. How can shoes change the world? But picture every time you’re getting ready to go out, and you put on those shoes that make you feel like an absolute badass. We want to make shoes that fill you with that confidence every day to inspire you to dress how you want to dress and to live how you want to live. This world is full of color and wonder, and we want you to feel that too. 

There are other shoe companies that make beautiful, colorful shoes, so what makes us different? We are passionate about our mission to transform the world back into one full of color and love, and we infuse all that we do with that sentiment. Kkira Feet is a Black woman-owned business that celebrates diversity and inclusion at every moment. We don’t believe that you have to be of a certain gender, age, fashion sense, or any aspect of identity to wear our shoes - we really mean it when we say that Kkira Feet is for everyone. We want to share our stories, and we want to build a community where you can share your stories too. We want to hear your stories of growth and exploration so that we can inspire others to live their lives to the fullest. 

We invite you to check back on our blog frequently! Of course we’ll be talking about shoes, but we’ll also be sharing our stories, giving our tips for fashion, caring for your shoes, and so much more. Feel free to comment and share our blog posts. We’re really excited to see how our company has grown, and we hope you will join us on this journey! 

With love, 

The Kkira Feet Family

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