Spring is here!

Spring is here!

As we head into the new season, we are excited to hit the refresh button! At Kkira Feet, we believe that there is nothing better than living your most authentic life. And we’re always here to help you along your journey of self discovery. 

With winter on its way out, we can finally start shedding our winter coats and layers, and we can call for a wardrobe change! For many people, warmer weather allows for more ways to express themselves through fashion. How we dress is such a huge part of expressing ourselves freely and truly, so we encourage you to wear what makes you feel happy, comfortable, and confident! At Kkira Feet, that is the essence that we try to instill in everything that we do and create. And with that philosophy in mind, we want to give you a sneak peek into our Spring collection! 

The collection is designed with warm and vibrant colors to make you feel like it’s Springtime all year round! We hope that they inspire you to be YOU whatever that means to you! 

The heart and soul of Kkira Feet comes from founder and designer Mauryn Kkira. She is loud, bold, and confident–just like the shoes that she designs. Her style isn’t what “normal” fashion looks like, and that’s great! Do you have any clothes that you wish you could wear but you don’t think you could “pull off?” If you want to wear something that makes you feel like yourself, then who cares what anyone else has to say!

Fashion is about expressing who YOU are, and the best part about that is that literally no one can tell you who you are but you! Spring tends to symbolize rebirth–a fresh start. So if you haven’t been absolutely head-over-heels in love with how you express yourself, now is the time to shake things up! Explore those styles that you “wish you could wear,” and know that at the end of the day, fashion is about being who you are and saying it with no apologies! 

So to that end, we hope that our shoes inspire you in your  self-expression journey. As Mauryn Kkira says, “Life is short! Buy the damn shoes.”

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