Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

By: Lauryn Clarke

There is something spiritual about the arrival of Spring. The dry barren Earth makes way for new life, color and beauty. As nature prepares to launch SS23 with a beautiful array of flowers, draping foliage and restful animals returning from hibernation, we too have a few exciting things in our Spring/Summer Collection.

This Spring, we are excited to present our newest creations in both Apparel and Shoes, and just like the season we are bringing you bursts of color, excitement and self expression.

The collection features pieces for anyone who dares to live boldly. From graphic sweaters reminding you to wrap yourself in “Love”, to colorful abstract skirts that are perfect for making a statement at countless summer parties and get-togethers, to dresses with bold and vibrant prints that allow for effortless movement. Each piece is inspired by the unapologetic colorfulness of spring, and designed to bring out your authentic personality. 



As always, our Spring shoes include a wide range of vibrant wedges, ballet flats, slip-ons, ankle booties, sneakers, and of course our much loved heels for all the memorable experiences that await you this season! While we originally started out as a shoe company, we are now extending our reach even deeper into your closets through clothing and accessories. We are certain that our Spring/Summer Collection will add so much more to your self-discovery journey, so be sure to bring us along as you discover new parts of yourself.

Walking in your truth is one thing, but to be dressed head to toe in your authenticity is down right magical and we are honored to witness it!

As is always the case with everything we do, The Collection further drives the point to love yourself, be authentic, and live fearlessly. What started out as a passion project for self expression has turned into a growing love machine. One sketch, pattern and collection at a time through fashion, we are making the world a better place. 

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Photography: Sylver Rochelin

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