Snow Winter Who's Boss!

Snow Winter Who's Boss!

‘Winter is coming…’ For some people this reality is thrilling and exciting because of all the fun things that happen only in winter. If you are one of those people, then you probably can't wait for skiing trips, layering up in warm clothes, and beautiful snowy days. For others though, winter is not the most exciting time of the year, and if you are one of those, you are probably dreading shorter days, shoveling after snowstorms, the grey days, the cold that cuts through your bones that won’t quit, and the overall lack of color. Regardless of which camp you fall into, we hope that we can play a small role in making this winter a wonderful and unforgettable experience! Our winter collection launches on December 6th and we hope you will find as many ways as you need to lift you up and inspire you this winter while you ‘Snow (read show) Winter Who’s Boss’ this season...



While the dark and cold days of winter can certainly be wearing, it’s our job to  do our best to not let it get us down. The little things matter that much more during the long winter months—whether it be holiday decorations or sharing meals with friends. Color is especially magical for this purpose because it imbues everything with life and vibrance so we cannot think of a better way to take on winter than with a pair of lively Kkira Feet shoes? 

Perhaps you will find your inspiration in a pair of playful boots, heels or even a simple but colorful pair of sneakers! Whatever you choose, we promise you this, not only will you ignite a spark to your everyday routine, but your Kkira shoes will brighten up the spirits of those around you. Make a statement and be fierce this winter. 


Along with our holiday collection, now available for order on our website, ‘Snow Winter Who’s Boss’ in the Kkira Feet winter collection. Sales begin December 6th!

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