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Should you care about shoe trends?

From the Ugg boot to clogs, pumps to slip-ons, sneakers to peep-toes, shoe trends come and go… and then come back again!

This begs the question: Should we even care about trends?

Our philosophy is that trends should only matter to you if they actually speak to you! Not the most popular way to look at it, but to us it is actually very simple. If there is a trend that is current and it not only makes sense to you but also makes you happy in all the right ways, then go for it! If however the trend that is all the rage is something that does not feel true to you and you have to contort yourself to make it work for you, then let it go and stick with what works for you! You can always be sure that they will come back around or at least a more current version of it will come back around then you will be in again! The moral of the story, you don’t have to fit the trend, they will always come back around to fit you!

With that said, we thought we would take a look at some shoe trends that have made their comebacks over the years including some that are currently in right now.

The Platform Heel

The platform heel is one shoe trend that makes its way back time and time again without fail! Consider platforms the ultimate reemergence shoe to stand tall in – whether you’re reentering the local bar or boarding a flight. They are both defiant and fun and are popular for this very reason. Not to mention the fact that they are a comfortable alternative to the stiletto heel (although, we must admit, our stilettos are quite comfortable!).

Most people find them a lot easier to walk in due to the chunky sole that creates the illusion of higher angles while creating height with ease. Just like our Shakti heels modeled by internet sensation Mark Bryan.

The Shakti platform stiletto is mixed with animal print and bold colors and is designed for a fun and playful look. It features a round toe, mixed patterns, and a yellow heel that cannot be missed. Definitely the kind of heel to stand out without apology.

The coolest thing about the platform heel is that it has always had a genderless quality to it circa the 70s, so it is not a surprise that they still appeal to both women and men as well as non-binary fashion lovers!

The Chunky heeled Boot!

Chunky heel boots are another trend that are circling back this season and it is no wonder that they are! They are quite versatile, and often double as tough, and durable which makes them both stylish and practical! Whether its for long days on your feet, busy days of work or just comfortable walks, they are always considered a go to boot for most!

The thicker platform heel also guarantees stability while walking and helps with straight posture due to weight distribution and ankle support, so you can see why these are all the rage.  You get all the fun things in one pair of shoes, the style, the comfort and of course all the fun, so you know we are all in to them!

One of our more popular chunky heeled platform boots is the Eloise. Partly because of their beautiful and pleasing esthetic of course, and partly because they were showcased at New York Fashion Week 2022! The colorful Eloise biker boot is very versatile, with a side zipper and clean but bold look. Incredibly comfortable and confident at the same time. It features an 8.5 cm (3.3 inches) heel and a rubber sole which helps with both solid grip and shock absorption.

 The vibrant color paired with a bright yellow buckle adds a happy and unexpected pop to any outfit you pair it with and is sure to stand out no matter where you are!

Of course the chunky heel comes in various styles and if the biker boot is not your thing, then there’s the 'fun meets funky' Mary Jane like our Maeve that carries the same spirit as the boot, but brings a softness to it. This Mary Jane is definitely a statement piece, with a 8.5 cm (3.3 inches) platform heel, bold zebra print and a metallic strap, all while bringing comfort to this gorgeous piece.

Whether it is for your busy day at the office, and you need a bit of fun to splash into your day while you take on whatever comes your way, or you are going out for a night on the town with the girls and there is dancing involved and you intend to spend most of your time on said dance floor, they are perfect for the job!


Flats are the trend that keeps on giving and that will likely never go out of style for obvious reasons! Is there a more practical, easy to wear shoe than a flat shoe? Of course not! That is great news for those of you who like to keep it simple and fun no matter the occasion! There are always countless variations to any trend and this is no different!

One tried and true variation of flats is the basic slip-on sneaker! While there are so many reasons to love them, our top most one is that they are convenient and easy to wear so the practical uses for them are endless! Our Viviana  slip-ons are a great example of the traditional slip-on given a twist of fun and exuberance! The Viviana slip-ons are part of our Fashion with a Cause collection which you can read more about on our website!

Perfect for a laid back stroll on the weekend, or maybe the weekly kid drop-off and pickup, or for that day that is filled with what seems like an endless list of errands! Whatever the activity, the slip-ons are your tried and true helpful friend!

Another flat option is the open-back slip-on, which if you can believe it is even easier than the regular slip-on!  Sometimes you need it to be even simpler than simple and that is what open-back slip-on is for! Hardly any thought or effort is required for them and sometimes, that is all that you want! For those moments, the Adena open-back slip-on is the perfect combination of style and comfort. I mean, if effortless was a shoe, this would be it!

You can literally just slip these colorful flats on for some “laid back glamour" and still look and feel as casual and easy going as anyone could ever be! This pair is the perfect staple pair of shoes in your closet to wear for a visit to a friend’s house, a quiet and simple date night, a quick unexpected errand, or a walk to the ice-cream shop. 

Choose Powerfully

SO as you can see, the options are endless and we could go on, but you get the gist! Trends come and go, and one thing is for sure: they are not worth the stress. The important part is to find your happy place, and go with that!

Your own unique look and style is what makes you, well, YOU! If flats make you happy and feel most like yourself, or  a pair of biker boots in the summer make you feel like a badass, or that awesome pair of platform heels  adds 4 inches to your life, wear them, and do it happily and with zero apologies no matter what the trends are claiming! 

You have heard us say, Life is short. Buy the damn shoes, and we totally mean that, but in this case, we are saying, Life is short, wear whatever the heck makes you happy, and if it's on trend, then yay, if it isn’t, oh well! Just simply be you!

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