Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

It may look easy, but our team at Kkira Feet works tirelessly, both behind the scenes and in the spotlight, to create beautiful, well-made products along with a brand that encourages complete authenticity, individuality, and self-expression.  There are no requirements to rock a pair of Kkira Feet Shoes: anyone can join the Kkira Feet family and we absolutely love that! To that end, we thought we would introduce you to the unique individuals of our core team that makes this magic happen.

Mauryn Kkira

Founder/ Owner/ Designer!

For starters, meet Mauryn Kkira, the founder, owner, and designer of Kkira Feet Shoes. She is the fearless leader of the brand  and drives the company vision and message across the team.  Mauryn is originally from Uganda and has lived in Boston for about 25 years, is married to her favorite person in the world and spends her days doing one of her favorite things in the world – designing shoes that make people genuinely happy about who they are. Other things that make her smile and that are important to her include fashion, dancing, music, Bono, U2 and being a person she would like to be friends with. One fun fact about Mauryn: She taught herself how to play the guitar when she was fifteen after she heard Tracy Chapman’s song Revolution for the first time!

Jaime Coffin

Operations and Logistics

Jaime Coffin is in charge of operations and logistics at Kkira Feet– dealing with tasks  including administration, supply, HR, etc. Jaime is known as the team cheerleader, who supports everyone through their tasks not only through logistics, but with her encouragement and unmatched energy.  Jaime currently lives in Massachusetts and is married with two cats that have minds of their own. In her free time, Jaime loves to bike and take spin classes, and although she has just begun strength training, she remains a cardio junkie at heart. Jaime has a love for food that is unmatched and truly considers it a hobby and a complete joy! We should also clarify that we are referring to eating food and not some other relationship with it! Her other hobbies include, hanging out with family and friends, binge watching Netflix, and knitting. A fun fact about Jaime: She and Mauryn have been friends for over 10 years. Her and Mauryn are practically family and consider each other ‘Sisters from other Mothers!’

Gonza George Bakuta

Marketing and Branding

Another key member of the team is Gonza George Bakuta, who is the head of branding and marketing management. Gonza conveys the company story in a way that accurately portrays what the brand is about. He is the creative fuel behind any campaigns and brand messages we share. Gonza is a highly skilled and talented artist in various capacities, but he would say that his first love is Dance. Prior to becoming a marketing and brand expert he was a highly recognized and sought after professional dancer in Uganda. Some of his other hobbies and passions include dancing, music, fashion, basketball, and making friends. An interesting Kkira Feet Fun Fact is that Mauryn and Gonza are brother and sister!

Sylver Rochelin Randrianantenaiana

Photography and Creative

Sylver Rochelin Randrianantenaina is the team photographer, videographer and creative.  Simply put, he makes us look good!  He was born and raised in Madagascar and he captures the essence of the brand and works hard to capture our brand essence through the medium of video and photography. Sylver loves working at Kkira feet, because he can freely express his love for fashion and photography simultaneously, also adding that “it doesn't hurt that [he gets] to work with [his] best friend Mauryn.”  A fun fact about Sylver is that he is a dancer and a phenomenal fitness instructor.We maintain that he is the best dance fitness instructor in Boston and are prepared to back it up if ever challenged!

As our owner and founder, Mauryn, said, “I love Kkira Feet for so many reasons, but the two biggest ones that come to mind are that I get to empower and inspire people to be and love themselves regardless of what the world around them thinks or says, and that I get to do it with a good deal of my favorite people in the world. I can’t help but feel honored and grateful!” We couldn’t agree more. Our team works very hard to make the magic happen and we couldn’t do it without them.


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