Layering in Color

Layering in Color

Winter is here! As the weather gets colder and snow starts to fall, our closets are once again going through a change. Layering up becomes more of a necessity and not necessarily an exciting one or a fashion choice. With big puffy winter jackets and layers of clothes underneath, most of us feel covered up and hidden as well as frankly frumpy, constricted, and just blah! It feels like too much work to make sure we are warm and functional, let alone expressive and fun! Oftentimes it tends to feel subtly oppressive and confining, hiding under all those layers and just trying to get through the winter. But here is a question: Is it possible to have fun with the necessity that is layering, and even find ways to express ourselves in ways that are unique to cold winter days? We think so, and would argue that more layers make it even more fun to do so! As you may already know, we are extremely passionate about authentic self-expression, and it is a happy opportunity that one of the ways we can do that is through what we wear.  We are huge advocates for you to be yourself, and not give in to societal fashion norms, regardless of what season it is!

For example, when you think about winter and which colors are considered to be “in” for the season, what comes to mind? Typically, a lot of dark and neutral colors are the most prevalent. So many people insist that bright and fun colors are only to be enjoyed in spring and summer, but why? Why not spice it up at the time of year when everything around us is bland. The trees have lost all of their leaves and the ground is covered in snow. What better time could there be to add color into our lives than when everything is dead and gray? Why not add life and vibrancy to the cold harsh stillness of winter with a pop of color - or several?

All over social media we have been seeing people pulling on skin-toned, fleece-lined tights, frequently with sheer black tights over top. This gives the illusion that you’re wearing just the sheer tights with the warmth of both pairs. But why not get creative and playful while you’re at it and try using a bright and colorful pair to stand out instead?

Winter is already somber without much help from any of us, so let’s not add to it by playing along with being stark.  Get playful, colorful, and bold! Don’t be afraid to stand out. And if you are having trouble figuring out where to start, check out our new Winter and Holiday collections while you’re here for some inspiration! Our new Lumi boots are the perfect cozy footwear for this winter, and they will surely add some color and style! Give them or any of our other funky and comfy boots a try, and see what you create. We can’t wait to see what you come up with and how you express yourself this winter!

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