Kkira Feet Around the World!

Kkira Feet Around the World!

Recently we conducted a survey to help us gain some insight into our customer base, the things they love, the things they hate, the things they love to hate and more! The purpose of the survey started out as solely market research to help us grow as a business, but while analyzing the results we realized just how many people across the globe Kkira Feet has made an impact on!

Below is a map of all of the places where people took the survey, now keep in mind this doesn’t mean that all of these people own Kkira Feet shoes. However, we are so thankful that our brand has entered their space nonetheless!


The survey was also distributed through our brand ambassador, Mark Bryan’s, Instagram and with his help we were able to reach about 10 different countries across the globe! It is our goal to make Kkira Feet into a global brand where expressing yourself through, not only your shoes, but your clothes is the new normal. 

Back in 2019 when Mauryn Kkira created Kkira Feet she did so because she longed for a product that was not currently on the market. She wasn’t sure if there was an audience out there that shared this sentiment but launched into it wholeheartedly nonetheless because of her immense passion for the shoes she was creating. So to see so many people across the globe express their interest in owning and showing off a pair of Kkira Feet shoes is so exciting for all of us!

We wanted to send a huge thank you to all who took the time to take our survey and also everyone who sends us pictures of themselves in Kkira Feet shoes! We love to see your joy when you slip your foot into one of our shoes and urge you all to send us your pictures! :)

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