Juneteenth - What does it mean to us?

Juneteenth - What does it mean to us?

By now, you have probably heard that June 19th has officially been declared a public holiday in the United States. For some, it feels like a victory and like it has been about time for a while now, for others, it is not even scratching the surface of all that needs to happen before people of African descent in America are truly free and equal. For others still, it is a nuisance that should have been put to bed so long ago because after all, we have even had a Black president, I mean how oppressed can said group of people still be. And then without a doubt, there are those who couldn’t care less, because they don’t even agree that anything should change. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, allow us to share with you what it means to us that this day is now being recognized in the country after so many years of it not even being acknowledged, to begin with.

Above all, it certainly does point to a step in the right direction and a promise of hope for a time when the acknowledgments will lead to true remorse and amends being made as they should have. But more than that, it promises the hope of true equality in this country no matter how slow the process continues to be.

 As a black woman living in America, I know all too well the burden that is attached to the color of my skin and the multiple ways the ground shifts from under my feet to put me in ‘my place’ which is often a lot lower than that of my caucasian counterparts. By definition, I know how hard I have to work to even be considered in the general conversation, regardless of what the topic may be. For someone who is very outspoken by nature, it is shocking how silent I seem in white spaces, simply because it is set up that way even before I walk into the room. And here is the shocker, I am a lot more accepted in white spaces than most of my other Black brothers and sisters, partly because I insist on it and partly because try as you might, I am not all that easy to ignore. Yet, even with me being how and who I am, most if not all white spaces are designed to keep me quiet and ‘in my place’. So when I say, I am hopeful for even greater progress in the direction of equality, it is no small thing. It means I have a great opportunity to thrive, empower and inspire those who will come after me. It means I get to be a part of a powerful legacy that empowers people of African descent in this country and by extension the world, and that excites me. That fuels me and empowers me to do better, and as a Black-Owned Brand, we are so here for it!

So in honor of recognizing the first official Juneteenth holiday in the United States of America, we will launch our Summer Releases and invite you to celebrate with us by supporting our growth and the growth of as many Black- Owned Brands as you can! For in doing so, you participate in leveling the ground for so many and, generously practice the acknowledgment that we are not just equal, we are one - and therein lies all our redemption as a country and as a human race. Here is to a meaningful Juneteenth Celebration and all the growth it will bring to us all! Cheers and Happy Freedom Day!

Love and Gratitude!

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