It's Spring and that means Wedding Season!

It's Spring and that means Wedding Season!

For most of us, it is an exciting season because who doesn’t love celebrating love, right? Indoor or outdoor, spring casual or formal wear, you’ll need a fabulous pair of shoes to compliment your equally fabulous outfit and you can’t wait for all the festivities to ensue!

That said, there are some things that will need to be managed so that the experience is as memorable as you would like it to be, and while we all know there are outfits to plan, there is the question of shoes! The type of shoe you wear depends on various factors: location, temperature, indoor, outdoor, dress code, and ultimately, comfort.

Dress codes for different weddings 

One of the best things about weddings is getting dressed up! It is the perfect time to enjoy feeling special, because we all know how personal it is to be invited to attend a loved one’s nuptials. So naturally we want to look the part and to do it in a way that makes us feel as celebratory as the occasion itself! We thought we would give you a few ideas on how to put together some looks that would accomplish the task of embodying the celebratory spirit, so here goes! 

Given that it is warmer outside, there are a few go to options starting with the ever popular and trustee knee-length dress, then of course the ethereal maxi and the mini that never goes out of style!  Whatever your go to option is, summer fashion is synonymous with boldness, romance, fun and comfort, so it is hard to go wrong with it!

These are all great options because you can style them differently depending on which wedding you attend whether it is casual, semi-formal,  formal or even black tie!  From wedges to pumps, ankle boots to stilettos, the possibilities are endless. We thought we would share some ideas that might inspire your style this wedding season. 

For a playful and whimsical touch that’s a little outside the box, you definitely can’t go wrong with the gorgeously floral Vicktory booties! A gorgeous floral and fun ankle boot with a 4.8 inch yellow stiletto heel which not only makes a fun statement with a splash, but also softens any look you pair it with!

For a more elegant and more classic look, you can’t go wrong with the Fiesta Heels! A sparkly gold heel effortlessly adds glamor to any classic dress and dresses everything up with some glamour!

Now we recognize that not everyone wants to sport some heels to the shindig so if that’s you, then classic ballet flats never go out of style and our O’joys bring all the joy you could want for such an occasion, as well as a touch of glamour and splashes of color to any outfit you pair them with!

Outdoor weddings

We have all heard the stories, seen it with our own eyes or even worse experienced it ourselves! Wearing stilettos or heels to an outdoor wedding and finding out a bit too late that it was a bad idea and in some cases the fashion choice that ruined the whole experience for us! It can be fatal to not just you, but your heels as well. You definitely don’t want your heel to sink into soft dirt or a trail, so while flats are an obvious choice, if you are the kind of person that still wants a bit of height and glamor regardless of the grounds you are on, then wedges can be a great alternative to this dilemma!

Wedges are perfect for spring or summer weddings, because you can still get extra height with the wedge heel and be fashionable without having to deal with the challenges that can come with the stiletto heel! The Esme wedges are a perfect option for such a task and as you may have figured, we have a mood board for you!

If extra height isn’t your thing, you can also go with a subtle block heel or open back flats.

For the Gents

We did not forget the gentlemen and those who identify as men. We have some ideas that will help you celebrate in fun, style and comfort this summer!

Choose shoes that complement the level of formality of the outfit you are wearing. Luckily in the Spring and Summer, there’s more room to play with your outfit options and that makes for more interesting outfits as well!

First up, there is the brogue which is very versatile and can be worn for various occasions to accompany various looks. Brogue-style shoes are popular among men, as they are very classy and formal. The Easy or Sam are both colorful, edgy, and chic, which can complement any color suit or outfit. But we will not waste time trying to explain, how about we go straight to the mood board!  

If you are not comfortable with going all loud and colorful, but still want to have some fun with your look, you can always keep it nice and classic and wear colors with our very easy-to-style Black Beauty loafers that are just right for the task! Additionally, they are part of our BLM Collection so you get to support a good cause, look great, and have a rocking time doing it!

You can play with some color in a clean way and simply block your colors or you can go completely subtle and keep it all black everywhere except for the bits of red and gold in your shoes! The choice is yours!

Whichever way you chose to go, remember this: weddings can be pretty long events or in some cases, even long days, depending on your role in the wedding. The last thing that you want to be doing is sitting when there is the opportunity to dance the night away!

And of course, most importantly, you want to make sure your feet are comfortable all day, and we are happy to say that we can absolutely help you with that!!

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