Fashion with a Cause!

Fashion with a Cause!

The last few weeks have been filled with news about some difficult things going on in the world and as a fashion brand that literally exists for the purpose of empowering people, we do not feel comfortable just carrying on with business as usual. As a new brand that is only just starting out, we recognize that we are not in a position to make the kind of changes in the world that make a huge difference, but we think that it is better for us to start somewhere than to do nothing at all. To that end, we have launched a new collection called Fashion with a Cause and we are excited to share it with you!

What it is?

Fashion with a Cause is a collection inspired by our desire to make a difference in the world in real-time on a bigger scale than the one we can affect right now. The collection is inspired by various humanitarian crises in the world that can benefit from global support. With all the sadness and loss around the world, we thought we would create a collection that would champion, inspire and bring awareness to various causes, and for our first campaign, we would like to start with Afghanistan, Haiti, and Lebanon.

What’s happening?

Currently, Afghanistan is suffering greatly from the Taliban takeover and many have already lost their lives, families, loved ones, homes, dignity, way of life and so much more than some of us will ever have the misfortune of imagining. Haiti is dealing with another earthquake right after the assassination of their president, with very little relief actually getting to the locals due to mishandled funds and exploitation of the country’s resources and Lebanon is in political and economic turmoil brought on by their desire for positive change, with the president resigning and the country left in chaos to the point that its citizens have been cut off from their money supply because banks will not allow them to withdraw their own money, and that is just the bullet point version.

Don’t get us wrong, we know that these problems cannot get fixed overnight and that they are a lot more complicated than we may even begin to imagine, but what is not complicated is the humanity of all our fellow brothers and sisters in these situations. We can at the very least relate to what it might feel like to be afraid, with barely any promise of hope for a solution, and is as good a place to start as any.

The Plan

It is quite simple really! We design and sell some really cool shoes and we will happily donate a percentage of our profits for each shoe in the Fashion with a Cause Collection to specific organizations that are working tirelessly to help in these situations on the ground.

How it Works

The collection has 3 pairs of shoes each inspired by and dedicated to each country. For each shoe sold, 20% of the profits will go to an orcountry and cause. The donations will be submitted once we hit the $1000 mark for each respective cause and this will continue on for every $1000 we meet. Every time we send off $1000 we will share it with you so you know how much money we are donating to each cause. So in short, you buy a pair of shoes and instead of keeping all the profits, we will send some off to help some people that could really use the help! How cool is that and how awesome does it now feel to have bought that pair of awesome shoes?

Who will get the Donations?

All the donations will be given to vetted organizations with a proven track record of being trustworthy and honorable in their support of each cause. And to that end, while we have some organizations in mind, we would be grateful for any recommendations you may have and would like to share with us, so do not hesitate to send us a quick email with any thoughts or suggestions! We will be immensely grateful and will appreciate your kind and generous input!

How long will this be going on?

Fashion with a Cause is now a permanent part of our brand and we will be doing it for as long as there is some way we can help. The causes will grow over time and expand to include others as we grow, so we are now and will remain open to hearing any suggestions on ideas of ways that we can get involved and help respectfully.

We know that this does not solve every problem or even quite frankly even out a dent in the myriad of things that are ailing the world, but all we can do is start somewhere. This is where we are starting and our hope is that you will join us to do something good while you look good in your very cool Fashion With a Causeshoes! Click here to check out the collection!

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