Fashion Myths: Color Clashing Is Against the Rules

Fashion Myths: Color Clashing Is Against the Rules

We’ve all heard it before–you’re not supposed to wear too many bright colors at once because they “clash.” Instead, if we want to wear something bold, we make just one item the centerpiece of the ensemble and tone down all the other colors. But honestly, where did we ever get that outrageous notion that wearing lots of colors is “against the rules?” At Kkira Feet, we don’t believe in playing by arbitrary rules. Fashion is such a fantastic way for us to freely express ourselves, so if you’re someone who’s always hated the idea of wearing toned down colors all the time, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to follow that rule! 

Everything in the Springtime is yelling at us to wear some color!

Have you ever stepped outside during the spring season? Do you notice how many colors surround us at this time of year? When we pass by beds full of magenta, yellow, and purple flowers, we don’t say “wow that’s a bit much;” we gush over how beautiful the colors are! When was the last time you saw a colorful bird and thought “Ugh, those colors are clashing and that bird just looks awful.” In fact, don’t we instead marvel at the beauty of all the vibrant colors they wear all at the same time? How much sense does it make that we then somehow learned that wearing multiple bold colors is a no-no? 

This spring we are excited to bring you the bold and fun colors that surround us! Each shoe is unapologetically bold and packed with color and we are loving every second of it! Take a look at the Regina wedge bootie. If the colors remind you of walking through a field of flowers on a warm, spring morning then you are catching on!. 

At our photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, we had our lovely model Sonali wear the Regina booties. Sure, we could have made the shoes the star of the outfit and tone down the colors for the rest of her clothes, but where’s the excitement in that? Sonali looks like the walking embodiment of springtime, and we can’t get enough of it! 

If you’ve had enough of wearing bland colors, this is your sign to add color to your wardrobe! Wear those colors you love so much, and do it knowing that your fashion should make you happy and feel like yourself no matter what.  

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