Empowering Youth Through Work Experience

Empowering Youth Through Work Experience

At Kkira Feet, our goals extend beyond just selling fabulous-looking shoes.  We aim to empower people to be their true selves every day.  One way we actively facilitate that is by empowering young people through our internship program.  College students are able to get real work experience in their field, while also getting advice about the workforce, and life in general, from our core team.  

Since we introduced you to the executive team behind Kkira Feet Shoes in our last blog post, we could not pass up the opportunity to tell you all a little about our fantastical summer interns! Both our current interns work in marketing and do a wonderful job of keeping us plugged into the pulse of the younger generation by lending their voice to help present our brand online, as well as getting guidance, practice, and the opportunity to give input to company decisions.

Abby Klar

Public Relations Intern

Abby Klar is a public relations intern at Kkira Feet this summer.  She is a rising junior at Boston University studying PR from Newton, MA.  She loves working at Kkira Feet “for the practical experience and the mentorship” she receives from the executive team.  “They make working fun and I am never bored here!”  A fun fact about Abby is that she has worked as a camp counselor for years, and had a specialty as the ultimate frisbee counselor.

Samira Sayan

Public Relations and Social Media Intern

Samira Sayan is our other intern this year, focusing on public relations and social media.  She is a rising junior at UMass Amherst studying marketing and communications.  A fun fact about her is that she has a pet parakeet named Tiki.  Samira said she wanted to be an intern at Kkira Feet “because the company’s values really spoke to me and as I worked to have those values show up in my own life, I would be proud to work for a company that instills and inspires others to live their lives fully and authentically as well!”

Our interns are considered equal and valuable members of our team, and we love having students who share our mission of empowering others join the brand!  We are currently looking to hire public relations and social media interns for the fall semester!  Click here for the application.  We can’t wait to meet you!

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