Celebrating You

Celebrating You

By Jaime Coffin

Have you ever been amazed about how comfortable you’ve become in your own skin no matter how that looks to others?  Earlier this month, I had the privilege of being that woman! The woman who is experiencing herself in a way she previously only fantasized about and boy, was it AMAZING!

To give you some background, I am an Asian woman in my 40’s traveling with my ever-loving husband to Florida specifically to check off one of her bucket list experiences, visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal theme parks.  Yep, you heard right.  It has been a DREAM of mine to experience this world… from just drinking some butterbeer to an action-packed adventure like escaping from Gringotts.  

In the past, I would totally downplay my excitement… like it was no big deal.  I definitely wouldn’t say anything or wear anything that would make me look weird, out-of-place, or uncool.  So on this trip, it was a celebration and an act of love to myself to go all out and be the ridiculously dorky, excited Hufflepuff witch that I always knew myself to be.  You better believe that I got the robe, the scarf, the tie-type lanyard, the hair tie, and the wand.  Not just any wand.  The wand that chose me.

My husband took this photo.  I have to admit that once I put on that robe and scarf while wearing my Alana shoes and brandishing my wand, I was one proud, confident, bursting with joy Hufflepuff.  

However, the biggest win is actually the most subtle one… at least more subtle than all the yellow and black I was wearing. You see, I wasn’t always this person I am describing now.  I was actually the complete opposite for most of my adult life.  You would never find me strutting my stuff totally carefree around Universal in all my Harry Potter gear. Back then, I was just too afraid… afraid of the negative comments, afraid of all the silent judgment, afraid of the ever expressive eye rolls. I would just cringe inside at the thought of a cutting remark on how I looked and was vigilant to prevent that from happening. I decided it was safer to stick with my whites, greys, blues, browns, and blacks than to risk standing out, let alone being seen.

What was the change?  Believe it or not, it was my highly unexpected journey with Kkira shoes. I had done quite a bit of personal growth in my life but the one area that seemed to falter is the outward self-expression.  I was still hesitant in exploring fashion and remained pretty subdued in my choices. I was unsure and afraid of standing out, and looking stupid. But something happened after I got my first pair of Kkira shoes, the Kkira sneakers. Not only were they super colorful, they were comfortable and made me feel like I could take on the world.

As I got more and more comfortable with the colors of my Kkira sneakers, I started exploring the colorful outfits to go with those sneakers.

My next pair of shoes were a powerful set of military style boots, the Adora's. It didn’t take much to get super comfortable with these.  So much so that I actually WALKED DOWN A RUNWAY in these!!!

I never thought in a million years that this would be ME!  I felt so confident and powerful as I struck a pose… and another pose… and another pose as the BADASS that I now knew myself to be!!

With each pair of Kkira Feet shoes, I found the same effect which kept growing.  My shoe choices became bolder and bolder along with my accompanying outfits!  I went from being a dark hoodie and jeans girl to the girl who wore green, flowy dresses! 

Who would have thought???  

Now, back to my Universal trip. I was now that girl who had no care in the world about how I might seem and instead, felt so comfortable in my skin in a way I never had before! It was one of the most freeing experiences of my life!  Instead of all the swirling doubts, the worry, the multiple debates on what I should wear and what I should buy, all I did on vacation was put on an outfit and shoes that sparked joy and had fun. I bought all the Harry Potter items that spoke to me and I embraced my Hufflepuff self.  It was glorious!

One of the unexpected gifts was seeing my husband have a great time because somehow the fact that I was so unbothered and simply out to have a great time, made it really easy for him to embrace the experience as well! I was surprised by how my freedom seemed to extend to him and make it possible for him to enjoy himself freely too.  Definitely one of the best vacations that we’ve had so far! Who knew a pair of shoes could have such a profound effect on so many different parts of one’s life? I didn’t! 

As I continue on in this journey, I am excited to see where this path takes me.  I now have my eyes on a pair of Violet boots and the Maeve Mary Janes. I also can’t wait until the day I can totally rock the Janara booties with no concerns whatsoever! I am definitely going to need some practice in walking in those, but I am working my way there and so up for the challenge!  And this is just the beginning! That’s right, people!  Watch out!  

So as we approach Christmas, consider that the best gift that you can give yourself and your loved ones this holiday season is you in all your glory! What would it look like for you to be your authentic self and what would you do that you are not doing now? 

Much love to you and your loved ones!  Happy Holidays!

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