A Look Inside our Recent Photoshoot

A Look Inside our Recent Photoshoot

At Kkira Feet, creativity and inclusivity are some of our core values, and photoshoots are no exception.  We see them as an opportunity to bring those values beyond our office and into the world, so we thought we would give you a look into our most recent photoshoot for our summer collection at Larz-Anderson Playground in Brookline, MA.  

Our concept for this photoshoot was to bring out the “inner child” in all of us, which is why we decided to set it at a playground!  No matter how old any of us are, there is still the inner child in all of us, whether that’s telling you to use the swings at a playground or pushing you to try out some colorful shoes that your younger self dreamed of.  Our models posed on the swing set, monkey bars, in a field, on top of rocks, on park benches, and more.  

Our models were ready for anything our photographer Sylver and director Mauryn threw at them, with our model Maddy doing ballet tricks and even going on pointe for a few photos!

In between takes, our team got to know each other, ate good food, and even started choreographing a dance as soon as they heard music playing (looking at you Mauryn and Sylver).  

We all had so much fun bringing out our inner child, and we’d say we got some pretty awesome photos out of it too.  We’re all looking forward to sharing them with you, so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to catch all the good stuff!

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